Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh No They Didn't!!

My husband and I carpool to and from work.  Twice a week Three times a week we drive past our future neighborhood to see the progress.  Yesterday, we were totally shocked to see that our lot had been staked out!!  We were totally pumped!  We were in our dress clothes, and it was very muddy, so we didn't get any great shots, but here she is!  We assumed it was only a matter of time until we heard from our SR about our pre-construction meeting.

Not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea.

We assumed correctly!  I received an email this afternoon from our SR asking if we could sign an addendum (attached to the email) and drop it off at the sales office within the next few days.  My reply, "Of course, not a problem, we'll stop by after work tomorrow."  He also gave us the option of three different days next week to have our pre-construction meeting!!  We scheduled the meeting for Monday!  Yay!  We'll be breaking ground in no time!

Well, I am glad we chose Monday because my husband took the addendum over this afternoon so we wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow.  He had a brief exchange with the SR in the the office and then swung past our lot.  This is what he saw:

That is a bulldozer digging a hole on our lot!

He took a few pics on his cell phone and immediately text them to me.  My first thought, "What in the H.E.DoubleHockeySticks is happening!!!!!" "Nooooooooo!"  Now, don't get me wrong, the fact that there is a huge hole on our lot is very exciting.  However, I am pretty irritated that no one bothered to inform us that today was THE Day.  Especially since the SR and I exchanged several emails this afternoon and he had the opportunity to mention it to my husband when he delivered the paperwork.  I can only assume the SR did not know.  What about the pre-construction meeting?  Or at least a "Hey, we're breaking ground tomorrow in case you want to swing by"??  Hopefully, I will find out tomorrow where the communication broke down.  And I sure hope that from this point forward the communication improves dramtically.  It can't get any worse. That's for sure!

The hole is on the other side of the dirt and debris.

Hopefully, I'll have some better pics once I am prepared with my real camera and the sun is shining.
Now that I've shared my disappointment with those who understand it best, I'm off to wind down with a glass of wine and "get over it." 


  1. Oh So Sad to hear that you were not able to be there when they first broke the ground for your dream home. The good part is they have broke the ground and your home will be up in no-time. I have seen many of our e-family members whose dates either have been moved multiple times or not even been fixed (I am in this boat) :(

    Congratulations..You will be very busy now onwards..

  2. The hole is a great sight to see! Sorry they didn't tell you first.

  3. Sorry to hear of the lack of communication. Hopefully, this will be the last of that and you'll be kept in the loop from here on out. Congrats on getting started, though!

  4. Oh my god.... so excited for you! It's about time! That is amazing. Yay! We're practically neighbors already.