Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exterior Color Selections - Check!

Over the weekend, we met with our Sales Rep to choose our exterior colors and finalize our options and upgrades.  We fell in love with the color scheme at the right on our first trip to the Oakmont model.  Unfortunately, the shutter and door colors are no longer offered, but there were similar colors available.  Here is our exterior color scheme:

Brick:  Biscay
Siding:  Stone Mountain Clay
Trim:  Almond
Shutters:  Black Watch Green
Front Door:  Fine Wine

We are still unsure about the front door color.  The small sample door in the design center appeared red, but it appears more purple on the Sherwin Williams website.  Did anyone choose Fine Wine for their front door color?  How did it turn out?

We also reviewed our selections from Rusmur flooring and Guardian and added a few outlets to complete our options.  We also learned about some upgrades for our phase that RH has included in the base price of our home:
Icemaker RI
Poured Wall Foundation
3 Dimensional Shingles
Knock Down Stipple (Textured Ceiling)
Upgraded Landscaping Package with Black Mulch
Upgraded Garage Door (Carriage Style)
Passive Radon System

The township will be paving the first 3rd of our road within the next few weeks.  After that, we'll meet with our sales rep again and meet with the PM to thoroughly inspect our homesite.  Hopefully we'll get to put a "sold" sticker on our lot sign at that meeting too!  After that, there won't be much going on until our pre-construction meeting in February.  Of course, the hubs and I will be browsing for furntiture, appliances, and some other items we want for the house while we wait to break ground!

Here is a photo of the current view from the top of our street.


  1. Do you know the name of your street yet? Ours is Kensington. They all seem to be very British sounding. Other streets in the development are Cobblestone, Ashford, Manchester. I think that's it so far. So exciting you got to choose exterior colors! They chose ours for us.

  2. Yes. Buckingham Drive. The street names are British! I never really thought much about them. I guess I should start having tea and scones for breakfast in the morning to keep with the theme? lol!

  3. Wow they really are going with the British theme. I think I'll read Jane Austen while dining on the tea and scones you suggested.

  4. VERY cool street names!! Isn't it funny how we actually notice that! Our street is Bainbridge Loop. I made the comment to my husband how cool it was to be on a Loop because you dont hear that often. Also I said I was glad our number was only 3 digits (757) rather than anything over 4...like 25673 or something like that. He looked at me odd then laughed. So everytime we talk to our sales rep or even before we went with RH, he would say to our realtor.."OK we don't want to see anything that has over 4 digits...even if its beautiful, in our price range and the sprinklers gush gold!" LOL wiseass! We put an offer on a house on Firefox Cove..and I thought that was an AWESOME street name...Im mean really home many people live on a COVE?! LOL I know I need a life. But we were 1 hour and 20 minutes too late. Oh well....we knew it wasnt ment to be...PLUS loop is cool and this house is brand new...rather than a forclosure that needed at LEAST 40k worth of work!

    WOW your community is REALLY new! Thats very cool to be able to watch it grow! Ours was established by Taylor Morrison homes but had been abandoned in '07 till now when Ryan took over. So we already have neighbors (whom I LOVE) and clubhouse and pool and stuff.

  5. @ Coleen - my husband says, "What about crumpets?"

    @ NBN - I also prefer the 3 digit house numbers! It's funny how meaningless details can be so important! Our community was started in 2007 (I think). We're actually going to be in the 4th phase. It will be a new entrance into the community which is why there are no other homes yet. They'll be one more phase after us and then they're done. Hopefully that means the early morning hammering and dirt and dust will end within the next few years!

  6. Our development streets all have Scottish names. Your view is fantastic.

    It is interesting that they call the textured ceiling an upgrade...personally I would find out if that is something you can change...nobody does textured ceilings these days and it is actually a resale turnoff...plus if you want to change it later it is hours and hours of very very messy work to remove it...if you have a realtor friend, ask them what they think about it...just my two-cents worth.