Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flooring Selections - Check!

We spent about one hour at Rusmur making our flooring selections.  I took a few photos, however, the overhead flourescent lighting distorted the coloring a bit.  I think we made some choices that are fairly popular.

Family Room Carpet:  White Fox with 6# upgraded padding
Foyer, Powder Room, Kitchen, Morning Room, Laundry:  Initiator 66178
Kitchen Cabinets:  Wyoming Cherry Spice
Kitchen Countertop:  Butterum Granite

Upstairs Hall Bath:  Andover Maple Spice Cabinet
                              White cultured marble countertop
                              Flooring:  Initiator 66180

Luxury Owners Bath:  Andover Maple Spice Cabinet
                                  White cultured marble countertop
                                  Tile Flooring & Surround, and Listello:  Brixton Bone

We chose to carry the White Fox carpeting throughout the rest of the home including the study, dining room, and upstairs.  We selected a chestnut stain for our banisters/handrails.  Overall, we were pleased with the selection at Rusmur.  We were advised to not upgrade any carpet unless it was to at least level 5 from several people we know who already own a RH.  We followed that advice and only upgraded the padding in our family room with the expectation that the carpet will need to be replaced within a few years - at least in the high traffic areas.  What did you do about the carpet?  Did you find the selections offered at Level 1 to be of low quality as well?


  1. Everything looks great! Are the vinyl selections you chose upgrades? Or are those level one standards? Just wondering! We have yet to make our floor selections, we'll be doing that at Thanksgiving. All we know is we're definitely getting hardwood floors in dining room and kitchen. Other than that we're pretty much going with standards and will replace later on.

    - Colleen

  2. Each of our vinyl selections are Level 1 (standard). I think you'll be happy with the selection of vinyl. We saw no need to upgrade to Level 2. The Level 1 carpet was disappointing, but we followed the advice of several friends who said not to bother with the carpet upgrade. I think you'll be very happy with hardwood. All of the hardwood we have seen in the model homes is absolutely beautiful! I think I have a photo of a kitchen with Maple Cognac cabinets with hardwood - I can send it your way if you'd like!

  3. Those are great selections! I kept the standard White Fox Level 1 carpet and carried it throughout the whole house (family, dining, basement, and all the bedrooms upstairs). I also upgraded to the 6# padding but throughout the entire house. Our floor rep told us that the level 1 carpet is equivalent to apartment carpet but upgrading the padding would compensate for the lower quality. It will make the carpet feel more expensive that it really is. While the model homes usually had upgraded carpet, we really noticed a difference with the upgraded padding. It felt so luxurious and plush. Although they probably used the 8# or 10# padding, the 6# should be just as nice. Also as a side bit, our floor rep recommended to select the 6# or the 8# since getting anything higher than that would just make your padding outlast your carpet. When you replace your carpet, you will have to replace the padding also.

  4. Love the choices, heard the same thing about the carpeting- to upgrade padding over carpet. If you don't mind me asking was it a significant amount to upgrade to the Andover Maple Spice cabinets for the hall bath? We haven't had our flooring meeting yet, so we haven't been able to see all the options.

  5. @MZ - Thanks! I think it was somewhere in the ballpark of $100 to upgrade the hallway bathroom cabinets to the Andover Maple Spice. We have a double bowl sink, so it would be even less if you have a single bowl. Also, if you want to save a little, you could choose the Fairfield Maple Spice cabinets - they are the same color, just do not have a raised panel. Hope that helps!

  6. Oh wow, not bad at all. Thanks!

  7. The selections look great. We upgraded the carpet in our family room to a level 5 and the carpet throughout the rest(including basement) to a level 3 and put 6# padding throughout. I agree with you regarding the level 1 carpet looking like apartment carpet and/or "builder's grade". We went with a level 2 linoleum for our secondary bathrooms upstairs and a level 3 linoleum for the basement bath since it will get a lot of traffic...once you get out of the level 1 linoleum you have some really great choices and if you are just doing a bathroom it is cheap to upgrade but looks fantastic.