Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flubbed Foundation

Our foundation was poured yesterday!

Rear view

And today the forms were removed!

Side view

View from the neighbor's front stoop (across the street)

Unfortunately, we noticed that one of our foundation windows is not in the location we requested.  To top things off, the foundation windows were already a point of contention because we were expecting to have three foundation windows.  According to our SR during the sales/contract process, one foundation window was included with the home.  We were required per code to have an egress window (which we had to pay for) and we added two additional foundation windows.  Well, at our pre-start meeting we were informed that there are no foundation windows included in the base cost and it was too late to add another.  We are disappointed because we plan to finish our basement and wanted to have as much natural light as possible on that level.  So anyways, to make a long story short, we're only getting two windows and one of them is misplaced.  We sent an email to our PM and hope to hear that he can take care of it.

Opening on the left is the garage

Besides the foundation window snafu, DH and I had a great day.  We grabbed breakfast at one of our favorite diners (Pamela's) and then went to the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center.  We snagged a ton of business cards for interior painting, garage door installation, and low maintenance decks.  We can't wait to make our house a home!  On the way home, we stopped for groceries and as I was stuffing our goodies into the tiny cupboard we use to store dry goods, I could not stop dreaming of this:

Our Future Pantry!

Maybe I will start enjoying the weekly trip to the supermarket once I have more space for groceries!

The tentative schedule for next week is as follows:
Monday - waterproofing and inspection
Tuesday - lumber delivery
Wednesday - framing begins

Hopefully I will have some good news to share about the windows once we hear back from PM on Monday!


  1. I hope you get that issue corrected.

  2. It will work out with the windows. They did the same thing to us and put the 1 and only window we were getting in the wrong place. They left it there and put an additional window where it was supposed to be.

    Just guys have to be so excited and I can't wait to see the pictures as the house comes along. Congrats!

  3. Every time I put away groceries, I get more excited about my new pantry. Every time I drag laundry up and down the steps, I get more excited about the 2nd floor laundry. I totally understand!
    As for the basement windows, I hope everything is worked out to your satisfaction. Perhaps you'll get an extra one like 2nlehigh and get back to the three you originally wanted :)

  4. Those windows were something that completely fell off of our radar and by the time we thought about it, it was too late. Luckily egress and 1 extra windows are required in our community, but then we get a call saying that the egress was planned to go under our deck which light-wise made no sense at all. The PM had the foresight to call to see how we felt about it and moved it to the other side of the only the little window is under the deck :-/

  5. A word about the pantry - the wire shelves really suck. As soon as we have some spare cash, we expect to rip all that out and put something more sensible in.

    1. I've been thinking about finding some inexpensive cookie sheets to place on the pantry shelves for canned goods and using some baskets for envelopes of dips and seasonings and other small items. Hopefully that will help!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging words. We hope to hear back from PM on Monday that the window will either be moved or one will be added to The location requested. Either scenario will make us happy. We'll keep you posted!!