Thursday, March 1, 2012

Forming the Foundation!

Until today, there had not been much action on our lot since the footer was poured last Wednesday.  One of the PMs informed us that the concrete company was running a few days behind schedule so we weren't expecting to see this until next week:

View from the back of our lot

They began placing the forms for our foundation today!  We hope the walls are poured tomorrow so we can spend some time admiring them this weekend.  Our lumber is scheduled to arrive on March 6th or 7th.  Can't wait to see the house framed!

I've noticed a handful new bloggers out there - Welcome to all of you!  I've enjoyed reading about your selections and look forward to following your progress!  It's so much fun to share ideas and ask for suggestions and opinions of others who are going through the same process!

And to everyone who has broken ground within the last week or two - Congrats!  It's going to be an exciting 90 days for all of us!


  1. Congrats! It's nice when you finally see some activity. They broke ground around the end of January for us and the footers went in the beginning of February. After that, it has been a whirlwind . . . we've already had our pre-drywall walkthrough, the brick front is finished and they started on the siding. It's AMAZING to go by there every other day after work and see the progress that has been made. This is pretty exciting stuff!

  2. Nice! The rain has held up for us today so footers are in the works -- Ericka

  3. We are very close to you on our scheduling, we were told lumber will be here next week also.

  4. Yay!So exciting! We were originally looking to build an Oakmont in the Timber Run Community, but decided to go with a different school district and our community didn't offer the Oakmont model. Such a beautiful layout! I absolutely love it!
    What community are you building in

    1. We're in Cobblestone. It's about 10 miles North of the city in the Avonworth SD.

  5. So happy to see a countdown clock in effect on your blog!