Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pre-Drywall - Check!

Over the past week, the "guts" of the house (HVAC, plumbing, electric, Guardian) were installed.  I have to admit, I found it much more interesting than I anticipated.  Over the weekend, the hubs, my dad and I did a thorough walk-thru in preparation for the pre-drywall meeting.  We came up with a short list of things to bring to PM's attention:  missing recessed lights and extra island outlet, switch "half hot" outlet in MR to side wall, and fix a crooked & splintered stud in hallway leading to foyer.  Nothing major.  We also saw a few spots where water was getting inside from our outdoor electrical receptacles.  The insulation was still wet during our meeting with PM.  He removed the insulation and had his handyman re-sealing these areas before we even left!

Water! Eeek!  Fortunately, PM is already on top of it!

One concerning thing we noticed over the weekend was that the four windows on the back wall of the MR were uneven.  The middle two windows appeared to sit about 1/4" lower than the ones on the side.  We assume this is due to the fact that this back wall was not fabricated in the factory, but re-framed on-site because of an error in the lumber order.  I was sick to my stomach over this.  Even though it is only a slight difference, it's one of those things that once you notice, it is the ONLY thing you see.  My worst nightmare is standing at my kitchen sink everyday and staring at the uneven windows - It would drive me nuts!  We showed PM and after a quick measurement he agreed that they weren't right.  We hope to see them corrected on our next visit.

If you look at the locks, you can see that the right is slightly higher than the left. 
Would be much more noticeable if the photo was taken strait - rookie move.
It felt like we were off to a rocky start when we experienced an error in the placement of our foundation window and the botched morning room framing debacle (x2!).  But, after getting to know our PM and experiencing his responsiveness to any questions or issues we presented to him, I am confident that his intention is to build our home as if it were his own.  He's made us feel like we're his only customers (there are 9 other homes under construction!) and spending time with him during our pre-drywall has especially eased much of my anxiety.  It's time to sit back and enjoy the ride!

I was so consumed with documenting what is going to be behind the walls that I didn't get very many "whole room" photos.  Here are a few worth sharing:

Family Room


Master BR

Master BR Sitting Area

Master Bath

The only exterior change this week - the garage door.  I like it!

On the agenda for this week:  drywall & brick (yay!)!

We're definitely closing on June 1st, so next week we can lock in our interest rate.  Keep your fingers crossed that rates stay near 4.0 (or even lower)!


  1. So glad your PM is going to have the windows fixed. Like you, that would be the only thing I would see and it would bug me forever! Can't wait to see the brick!

  2. omg yes the window thing would irk me for years, good save by the PM. Now weve added checking the insulation by the external outlets. thanks and looks great! --Ericka

  3. You poor thing! At least you have a PM who's on top of it and doesn't wait until you point something out to him. Hopefully from here on out it's smooth sailing!

  4. Ooh I love those garage doors. I'm jealous.