Sunday, April 1, 2012

We have Brick! And Drywall!

Biscay Brick

We love the keystones!

View from the front door

View of foyer and study from dining room

Dining Room

Family Room


Morning Room
View of kitchen from Morning Room
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Master Bathroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Today marks the 60 day countdown to closing!  I plan to call NVR bright and early tomorrow morning to discuss locking in our interest rate.  Other items on this weeks agenda include finishing the brick and drywall and starting the siding. 

We've begun the process of researching and browsing for appliances, and plan to make those purchases over Memorial Day weekend (hoping for great sales!).  In the meantime, we've been picking up odds and ends for our new home.  Some of our purchases include mirrors for our master bathroom, pendant lights for over the island, a large round mirror for above the fireplace, new throw pillows for the sofa and loveseat, and a wreath and doormat for the front door/porch.  We also bought a stick vacuum and steam mop to clean our hard surface flooring.  We can't wait to see everything come together!


  1. Nice pictures you are almost there.

  2. Wow...So Fast. 60 More days....No wonder they tell "one can close 60 days from the day of Drywall"

  3. The brick looks great. I love the keystones as well!

  4. It looks great! Do all Oakmonts have that same lot type/grading? We were delayed by a few days, its like torture! --Ericka

    1. Hi Erika - Thanks! To answer your question, yes and no! Oakmonts can have a front entry garage or a rear entry garage. The front entires are graded like ours. The rear entries slope from the front to rear of the property. A basement level garage (integral garage) is fairly common in Pittsburgh due to the topography of the land. Flat lots are hard to find among the many hills and valleys and cost a fortune.

  5. Everything looks awesome! We forgot to drive down your street this past weekend when we were in town, but we'll be back this next weekend for closing so we'll have to check out your place! I'll see you at the pool in no time, neighbor...

    1. If you see a black or silver SUV at our place make sure to stop and say Hi! Good luck with closing!

  6. Also, I'd recommend you give yourselves a week of leeway before locking the rate. Your PM will appreciate it - it lessens the pressure for if they would fall behind he doesn't have to rush your house to the finish. Especially if your doing an FHA loan - which most assuredly won't move in the next week. If its conventional then I understand the trepidation to get it locked.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! We cleared with PM beforehand - Our home is scheduled to be completed around May 10th - so he has a few weeks of wiggle room. We pushed for a June closing when we signed our contract back in Sept. Waiting until June 1st while knowing my home is ready just might kill me! But it will be worth the wait!

    2. I always wondered why your countdown put your closing later than ours when your house is a week or so ahead in the process. I didn't remember your June closing. It finally makes sense! I don't know our closing date yet, but I'm afraid it's going to be the very end of May. I would rather wait until June 1 if it's going to be that late in May.