Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christmas! Or something like it. . . .

This evening we found a ton of goodies in our garage!

Lots of cabinets!

Study doors!

More doors!

Loving the 2 panel doors!

Besides cabinets and doors, we found bathroom sinks, trim, and banisters.  In the backyard, a pile of siding and shutters are waiting to be installed.  According to PM, the siding intallation will begin tomorrow or Monday.  The drywallers are finishing up the tape and mud inside and it sounds like there will be paint on the walls by the end of next week.  PM also mentioned something about pouring the concrete for the front porch and putting a layer of asphalt on our driveway at some point soon.  Things seem like they're moving at the speed of lightining!


  1. Don't you just love those study doors? I'm super excited about having them!

  2. It looks like Christmas morning in your garage! I can't wait to see all that in mine. Love the study doors and I'm so excited about the 2 panel doors. It's the little things :)

  3. Awesome, there's nothing like a good surprise! We didn't have the double study door option but could've gotten them for the morning room, still kicking myself for that one. --Ericka

  4. Yay for presents! Can't wait to see them installed, I'm sure they will look gorgeous.

  5. Hey neighbor! The Easter Bunny came early! Did you notice the box in front of the doors says UP Fragile Glass and it's upside down lol

  6. Haha! Yes, but not until I was uploading the photos to my computer! And ..... I have forgotten turn turn it right side up on all of my subsequent visits! Oh well!