Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slow, but steady progress

The brick front is done and the scaffolding is down!  Can't wait to see it with the Black Watch Green shutters and Fine Wine front door!  We expect the siding to begin sometime next week.

Biscay Brick

The drywallers haven't returned since they first hung the drywall.  We assume they are running behind and hope to see some progress inside before the end of the week.  However, we did see a little present in our garage this evening which makes me believe that we aren't too far away from cabinet and counter installation.

"Butterum Granite" Laminate Countertops!

Pleasantly surprised to see a "bullnose" edge!


  1. Yay for pleasant surprises (unlike my siding one yesterday!). The brick looks beautiful. You must be close to counters and cabinets. I'm really looking forward to that part :)

  2. That's great that you got the edge you wanted - we were wondering if ours would come with that too. It didn't, but we are OK with it for now. Can't wait to see your other choices in the photos!

  3. Fun surprise!! We picked the same countertops so this only makes me even more excited to break ground! Also, I LOVE the exterior of your house with the brick! It's all coming together!!!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of brick! It looks beautiful! I believe our counters have that edge as well, I think it makes the laminates look really nice. Everything looks great!

  5. Love the brick color, its very stately :) --Ericka