Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interior Progress! Lots of Pics!

So far this week, there has been a lot accomplished on the inside of the house.  On Monday, the doors and trim on the first level, cabinets, counters and fireplace were all installed.  Today, the banisters were installed and the 2nd level was completed (trim, cabinets, counters).  There were workers building a retaining wall next to the driveway when we stopped by this evening as well.

Everything looks pretty good.  We're very happy with the cabinets.  All of the lower cupboards have pull-out drawers!  I was under the impression that we would only have those in the island!  Score!  Another nice surprise was seeing the crown moulding extended to the upstairs hallway!  Score again!  That being said, there are some things that we plan to bring to PMs attention.  To name a few, our mantel is not centered on the fireplace surround, the chair rail is missing in the foyer, there is shoddy trim and windowsill installation in several areas and a funky "double door" cabinet in kitchen that I really hope can be replaced with a single door.

I also noticed a box of door "knobs" in our garage - the lever style that I've seen on most blogs.  During our selection meeting, I specifically asked SR for door knobs and not levers, especially for the front door, and was told this would not be a problem.  Hopefully, PM can still order the door knobs and use the levers on another home.

Photo time!

Wyoming Cherry Spice Cabinets
Do you see the funky double doors?
Upper cabs to left of where range will be?

Butterum Granite laminate countertops

Love all of the pull-out drawers!

This little drawer is perfect for herbs, spices and jars of seasoning!

Love the pantry!  And the two panel doors!
Slate Fireplace
Looks like the electrician needs to re-locate the light switch on the right -
The surround pretty much covered it up!
(You can't tell that the mantel is off-center in this photo....)
Crown, chair rail and cased opening

Stairway to 2nd level

Upstairs banister

Master bath vanity:  Wyoming Cherry Spice cabinets with
white cultured marble countertops
(We purchased our own mirrors.)

Retaining Wall

Maybe tomorrow our island will be installed....


  1. Looks great! We got the same cabinets! Did you happen to take a picture of the inside of the cabinets where the L-shape comes together? You posted a pic of them closed (4th pic down). I'm just curious how they look inside.

    1. Thanks! There is a lazy Susan in the corner cupboard - is that you mean?

    2. Yes! I was hoping it was a lazy Susan!! I've been looking around everyone's blogs to see if anyone took pics of the inside of the cabinets. I didn't want to ask anyone, seems like an odd request, lol. I was happy when you posted these! Thanks!

  2. Your home looks beautiful! Everything is coming along so nicely. Our model also has the "funky" small double doors near the range. Since it's right next to the range, that's where I plan to store spices and other small items.

    1. That's a good idea. I was worried about how the hardware would look, but I found some photos on the RH website that looked nice. I'm sure they will work out fine. We did notice that the upper cupboards are a bit shallow - might be a tight fit for our dishes :/

  3. I have to be honest here, I think you are missing out on going with door KNOBS instead of levers. I installed levers in the last house and loved them. We were very happy when we found out levers are standard in the build. Of course I don't know your reasons.
    The pull out shelves in the kitchen cabinets are great. If you haven't seen, look into Rev-a-shelf pullout pot/pan racks. We bought one on Lowes (after I seen it on Pinterest) and installed within two weeks of moving in.

    1. The levers pose a problem for future child safety locks. They make them for levers but they are not as functional as the safety locks for doorknobs. It's a moot point anyway, I'm getting levers, nothing PM can do about it. I'll have to just get over it!

  4. Looking good! I wonder if the pull out drawers in the kitchen are standard? I haven't seen the inside of the cabinets yet so I'm hopefull we'll have the same :)

  5. Thanks! I think they come with some of the upgraded cabinets in our region. And I would expect them to come with the gourmet kitchen upgrade too. Hope you have them - it's a great feature!

  6. It all looks great! We have the pull outs as well, I think they are standard. And our corner cabinet does not have a lazy susan it has a sort of perimeter shelf that goes around the corner

  7. Looking great! We drove passed tonight to see how the houses were coming and yours is looking great! There are at least 2 new ones being framed a couple new foundations it's unreal. We should have our pre start meeting next week so hopefully we'll have a hole soon! FYI I heard that the model next to you is most likely going to be sold as a spec house since Ryan is selling out so fast. I half-jokingly said we should offer to buy the lot next to ours since its S&A and will most likely just sit empty for the foreseeable future.

  8. Thank you! The progress is unreal! And every home looks really nice! I love them all! The model is going on the market soon, the have a "homesite of the month" sign in the window now. PM said it's going on the market after the trim is done. We'll have an empty lot next to us for awhile too. They aren't building the next phase until 2014. So they have some time before they need the next model. We're hoping to use it for neighborhood corn hole tourneys! :). So glad they are starting your home soon! I can't wait to see the VF cottage elevation!

  9. Your retaining wall is wrong (but not as bad as many in the neighborhood. They flipped the last block instead of installing the split face block. This was them cutting corners. You will be able to notice that it's a flipped block because the faces are beveled on three sides (top, and sides), those last blocks have the bevel down. Also, those cap stones should overhand by a half inch or so, that is so the water runs off the top and not dribbles down the front.

    Do yourselves a favor and get a home inspection -- we are close to hiring a lawyer over the multitude of issues with our home only a few blocks from you.