Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Overdue Update

It's been almost two weeks since my last update, and we're making slow but steady progress.   It appears as though most trades have at least stopped by to begin completing their work.  But for the most part, everything looks "half" done.  Half of the trim has been painted and half of the downspouts are in place.  Half of the light fixtures have been installed and half of them have working electricity.  Etc. etc.  Is there a method to this madness?

The tile and vinyl flooring are complete!  And all of the closet shelving is in place!  We even have toilet paper holders!  We're getting closer and closer and can't wait to move into our new home!  However, there is ALOT of work that needs to be done before our pre-settlement demonstration.  We have a sizable punch list (large and small items) that needs to be addressed.  Unfortunately, we have not had a conversation with PM in over 2 weeks so I'm on pins and needles wondering if his list is as long as my list.  We were suppose to meet him at the house last week, but he needed to reschedule for this coming week.  We're still not sure what day we're meeting with him. . . . . And I'm starting to get antsy. . . . . And to top it off . . .

We noticed a strong gas odor outside of the house where the gasline enters the home.  I will be sending an FYI email to PM about this shortly so he can check on it bright and early tomorrow. 

Overall, everything looks as expected.  And for the most part, the workmanship has exceeded my (low) expectations.  Our island, range, dishwasher, toilets, and plumping fixtures are in the garage so I assume at least "half" of them will be in place by the end of the week!

Photo Time!

Base Lighting Package - Brushed Nickle
(I will update with a photo of the foyer light once it's installed.)

Upstairs Hall Bath

Master Bathroom

Powder Room

Dining Room

Note:  The flooring appears much darker in these photos than in person.
Just FYI for those who are in their research or selections phase.....

Master Bath
Upgraded Tile - Brixton Bone

Master Bath
Upgraded Tile - Brixton Bone
Yikes!  I didn't notice that pink undertone in person!

Hall Bath
Base Level Vinyl - Glenville Creme

Base Level Vinyl - Bridgeton Cinnamon

Base Level Vinyl - Bridgeton Cinnamon

Another attempt at getting a good representation of
Base Level Vinyl - Bridgeton Cinnamon

Standard Shelving - Pantry

Porch Columns!
Can't wait to see that "Fine Wine" door!
Is this what everyone's fireplace logs look like?
I feel like we're missing one or two or three - seems a bit sparse.


  1. Welcome back! Everything that has been done looks great, cant wait for the update as to whats been going on --Ericka

  2. Thanks for the pictures. The home is shaping up nicely. I think the tile in the master bath looks good and has a nice color, so I wouldn't worry.

    Borrowing from Steve and Ericka here they have a picture of their fireplace and it looks like they have a few more individual logs, but yours look longer maybe?

  3. Nice to "see" you back! We have a few more logs in our fireplace as well, but they are smaller. We originally chose the Bridgeton Cinnamon for our kitchen, but as that floor will take the most abuse, we decided to upgrade. We kept the Bridgeton in the kids' bath, laundry and downstairs bath. I really like the color it in and the size of the pattern. It looks great in your kitchen!

  4. Hey there ! We are building an Oakmont in Greensburg ! Thank you for sharing your experiance ! I love the brick !