Monday, April 9, 2012

Steps & Siding!

On Friday we arrived to freshly poured steps and walkway.  And we saw the start of our siding.  The siding on the entire back of the home was finished today - It was very dreary outside so I'll try to get some good pics tomorrow.  The drywallers are still chugging along on the inside - seems like the drywall is taking forever!!  Here are some pics of our exterior progress:

Now we can use the front door

The stairs looks steeper than they are in "real life"

I love how the brick "wraps" around the right side of the house

Stone Mountain Clay vinyl siding

Morning room door and 2 of the family room windows


  1. Looks fabulous! They sure are chugging along!

  2. Love it! Progress feels good and looks sexy :-) --Ericka

  3. The brick looks amazing! Will you have stairs leading down to the backyard from the morning room, or will that be the location of a future deck/patio?

  4. We're planning to get a deck. If all goes as planned it will be ready for Summer 2013 :)

  5. It looks good! Though they may still be working on your drywall, at least you can already appreciate the beauty of this house up close and personal. I can’t wait to see the deck that you’re planning to add. Maybe you can add a small garden near the stairs to make it more stunning.

    Anthony Blommel