Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exterior Progress!

There has been significant progress on the exterior of our home.  Besides a few brick repairs that need to be done, we're very happy with how everything is coming together!

We now have a driveway!

And shutters!

"Black Watch Green" shutters

They finished the trim and siding as well.

"Stone Mountain Clay" siding

Once the forms were removed from our concrete porch, we noticed a few cracked bricks and several places where the mortar has come loose.  We're confident that PM will have it taken care of once we bring it to his attention.  He has already found a few other areas where the brick was not to his satisfaction and had it repaired - We're glad that is as detail oriented - just like us!  Here's what to look for:

cracked brick and mortar

missing mortar

cracked brick (top right) and missing mortar

Sloppy globs of mortar under windowsill

missing mortar

hole where brick meets front door threshold

We have a very exciting week ahead of us.  The ceiling is stippled and the drywall is painted.  Now it's time for trim, cabinets, counters and doors!  We finally get to see what is inside those boxes in the garage and watch our selections come together.  We can't wait! 

On the NVR/closing front, we are scheduled for our Pre-Settlement Demonstration on May 14th (exactly one month from today!) and will close as planned/negotiated on June 1st!  WooHoo!  Only 46 days to go!  Let the packing begin!


  1. Just beautiful! I hope your PM takes care of the brick issues. Can't wait to see your boxes unpacked and installed!

  2. Really nice! Thats a very nice elavation congratulations!

  3. Its really looking great girl, love it!

  4. The shutters really pull everything together! Looks ama-za-zing!

  5. Love love love. Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  6. It very nice.Glad that you were able to negotiate for the closing data that you wanted.